Integrating Azure Power BI Embedded in your DevOps

Before starting, this posts answers the question, Can we change the connection settings of the Power BI Embedded reports. YES. Let’s continue. Azure Power BI Embedded is a great tool for developers to integrate reports and dashboards in the applications. … Continue reading


Optimizing Web delivery of the modern front end Applications

Modern web frameworks delivered through bundled JavaScript. The increasing popularity of SPA requires complimenting delivery approach. This post explains the optimum delivery of such front end applications with no server dependencies via Azure DevOps and Blob storage static websites. Continue reading


Practical API Architecture and Development with Azure and AWS Published : June, 2018 “Practical API Architecture and Development with Azure & AWS” is a compilation of the learning and hands on best practices in designing and implementing APIs using cloud … Continue reading

Build your SaaS right with Azure

Cloud has the proven promise of great opportunities for organizations & ISVs. Modern cloud platforms have low entry barriers and huge array service offerings beyond traditional enterprise application requirements. Cloud and the services provide intact environment to SaaS application providers with cutting edge innovation, agility and computational and storage scale for the global reach. Continue reading