Practical API Architecture and Development with Azure and AWS

Published : June, 2018

“Practical API Architecture and Development with Azure & AWS” is a compilation of thebook 2 learning and hands on best practices in designing and implementing APIs using cloud based technologies.

The book is structured in two major sections with 7 chapters. The first section (chapter 1 – 3) contains the information about APIs and the importance of them from the business perspective including the API economy, strategy and architecture. The second section (chapter 4 – 6) contains the practical implementation details of API development using cloud services from Azure and AWS. Last chapter includes the common API design practices.

Covers :

  • The rising pattern API economy – API strategies and architecture in businesses and how API based value delivery can enable businesses to achieve more.
  • API development guidelines and fundamental standards with practical examples using ASP.NET Core
  • Introduction to cloud based API gateways available in Azure and AWS and implementation.
  • API security and different implementations of security in APIs with examples in ASP.NET Core and cloud services in Azure & AWS
  • Serverless API architecture with Azure and AWS


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Practical Azure Application Development

Published : May, 2017

‘Practical Application Development with Azure’ – the book is targeted to the software book 1 developers and technical people look ways to leverage Azure in their software solutions. Also this book works as a guide for ISVs to build multi-tenant SaaS solutions in modern enterprise space.

The topics covered in the book begin from the basic level and go to advanced concepts primarily focusing on delivering the required knowledge in solution building. Though this book does not provide hard core advanced details of any particular service in Azure, this is drafted in a way that it can deliver sufficient information in order to build applications on Azure.


  • Covers Azure as a solution development platform for building applications
  • Provides real-world examples to understand why and when an Azure service is required
  • Discusses how Azure helps to achieve continuous improvement and expansion of an application
  • Provides application development experience from purchasing Azure to integrating with core Azure services, including an introduction to DevOps with VSTS

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