Introducing MS PixelSense Technology


Surface..Surface..Surface. Every where you can see this. The biggest game changer from MS with Windows 8, Metro and all other great stuff.

But wait, we heard of surface computing from MS. A huge table which can do amazing stuff. I wrote an article about how to develop Surface computing applications as well. Here’s the link.

So what happened to that Samsung SUR 40 and other Surface computing devices ? because now every body talks about the surface of this.

The answer is available in the same link. Just scroll down and look at the bottom left corner of the above link. There you get PixelSense  and the link to visit the PixelSense web page.

They did it very silently because very few were aware of the surface computing which is now the PixelSense. I don’t know why they chose the name ‘surface’ for the metro devices, but they finalized it and changed the old surface into PixelSense.

I don’t know whether there was a public announcement about this change in the name, but they did it. So now I can say myself as PixelSense developer. 😀 cool…