Me and my Computers

I suddenly thought of writing about my experiences with computers. At first when I was 10 (in 1997) I joined a computer class which was primarily owned by Rev.Millar (who is from USA). At the very beginning there were very few of us. I can remember there were only 5 machines, and only 3 of them were capable of running MS Windows. Other 2 were used for DOS, PASCAL and GW Basic programming.

One was a Compaq a fully branded machine with the dial up Internet connection and the other was Asus (If I remember correctly). Both were P1 machines. But the Compaq was faster than the other one. I don’t remember the third one but it had a weird black and white monitor. Lotus was installed on that. Those 3 were capable of running Windows 95. Other two were with big keyboards and each key was popping out one inch above the key board.

On the first day of the class we were taught the components of the system. And for few weeks it was DOS commands. Perfect when you really install DOS 6.2, I can still say it’s perfect.

It was a very hilarious time when I first started using the mouse. I can still remember the fun. On the first day, just to point the Start button I took around 2 minutes. :D. Then we improved learning Windows then Office 97. Then the GW Basic programming. I still remember some codes in GW Basic. πŸ™‚

Soon my father bought me a computer. I got one when I was 11. (in 1998) It was a nice and a fast machine when compared to the ones in my class. It was P2 550 MHz, 64 Mb RAM, 8 GB HDD with 16 Mb VGA, CD ROM drive. The OS was Windows 98. For me it was decent enough to run my favorite games. Street Fighter, MK4, Doom, Sky Rover were few among them. (I still miss a game a like Street Fighter; Guy was my favorite character with dual kick combo powers :D).

I used to repair my machine and reassemble it by my own. Some times I used to format it 3 time a day. Crazy !@# ( I can’t even dream about formatting my lap now). I used to write batch files to delete the .sys and .dll files in the System32. I even went and copied them in the nearby Internet CafΓ©  using a floppy disk. (On that time one 1.44Mb, 3.5” Imation floppy disk was Rs.45.00).

After 2 years we sold that machine and bought another one. It was my dream machine. It was with 17” LG Flat Studio Works monitor. P3 800MHz ~ 1000MHz. 128 Mb 333MHz RAM, 20 GB HDD, 64 Mb VGA, 52X CD ROM Drive, Creative Sound Card with external speakers and the package includes HP 610C Deskjet Color printer and Vugeo Color Scanner with 300dpi.

It was WOW.

I got everything I needed from a machine. I still remember my mom was upset about that why my dad spends much on these gaming tools. πŸ™‚ For her computer is another version of PlayStation.

Then my gaming trends were upgraded. The Gunship and the Unreal Gold were the top games on that time. Other than that Vitro Cop from SEGA. (real bullshit game, but no choice).

When I got selected to the University my family bought me a laptop.

She fixed to me closely and averagely spends around 6 hours a day with me. I again regained all the stuff and programming after coming here. I just love my laptop now. So far she made me feel nice and great and she will do in the future as well.


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  1. Got back to this post when scrolling down my blog. Thought of adding 2 latest additions to my collection. After the first laptop I got a 2nd one Dell Core i3 2nd Gen with 320 HDD and 4GB RAM. Loved it used it for 4 months.
    Then gave that to my sister and got another Dell Core i5 2nd Gen 8GB RAM with 500GB HDD. A super box to run almost all the latest software. πŸ™‚

    And also got the LG Quantum Windows Phone 7.5 mobile apps and after the ICup world finals got the Lumia 800.

    Expecting a Win 8 slate soon πŸ™‚

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