Modern Browser . . .

Yesterday I made a status update in the Facebook as ‘Modern Browser ?’. I didn’t get any comments under that as I expected. Because it is a senseless update for the people for who are not aware of the real browser war going between Mozilla 4 and IE9 RC. (Of course browser war is not new but this something different, funny and interesting)

I’m not supporting any of the browsers here (I use IE, Mozilla and Chrome for different purposes), but it is a fun to listen to these arguments.

I got theses two blog articles via an email subscribed to Codeproject, both are very interesting. Especially the IE9 blog article where the guy gives explanation on what is meant by a modern browser. This is really cool. I’m not supporting but it looks like linguistic studies and IT pros are banging each other on the words they used. (This makes a feeling of they can be in a law suite department rather being in the IT field Smile with tongue out)

Just as a fun have a look on these two blogs