Youtube like progress bar using NProgress.js with Angular.js

NProgress provides decent and attractive Javascript library to get a nice progress bar similar to the Youtube one. This is very sleek and classy, I love that and it’s very useful for the Single Page Applications. You can download NProgress.js from If you’re doing the development in Visual Studio you can install the NProgress... Continue Reading →

HTTP Performance Tuning

When we talk about the HTTP performance of a web site or a web page mostly we regard to the speed the content delivered. If we summarize all the parameters of the web performance we can stick to these 3 golden rules in order to gain high performance. Reduce the number of HTTP calls (Reduce... Continue Reading →

Hotmail Connecting other mail account hidden policies :) Hotmail you have the facility to connect other mail accounts of yours. So in a single log on you can check other inboxes as well. This is a cool feature as we can link non Hotmail accounts as well. I have linked my Gmail with my Hotmail. When you do this you have to... Continue Reading →


The greatest social networking giant with more than 500 million users. Wow 500 million what a great number. We can see almost all the businesses having their pages or ads or something in FB; from Microsoft to the Dosa Shop near my campus. 🙂 I thought about some features that FB may implement in the... Continue Reading →

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