Youtube like progress bar using NProgress.js with Angular.js

NProgress provides decent and attractive Javascript library to get a nice progress bar similar to the Youtube one. This is very sleek and classy, I love that and it’s very useful for the Single Page Applications. You can download NProgress.js from If you’re doing the development in Visual Studio you can install the NProgress... Continue Reading →

How to create Cascading Dropdowns in Angular JS using Web API

Angular JS is one of the famous and a ‘WoW’ making Javascript frameworks available. has plenty of learning resources for Angular JS. This post shows how to create cascading drop downs using Angular JS whilst showing the use of other basic features of Angular JS. Angular JS relies heavily on angular directives which HTML extended... Continue Reading →

Charting with DotNet HighCharts

This post explains how to use the DotNet HighCharts wrapper for the HighCharts Javascript library. You can download the wrapper from Codeplex. First create an ASP,NET file and add the following Javascript references. 1: <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> 1:  2: <script src=""> 1: </script> 2: <script src=""></script> Download the wrapper and add the single .dll reference... Continue Reading →

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