Service mesh in Service Fabric

Introduction Microservices is here to stay and we can witness the increasing popularity and the maturing technology stack which facilitate microservices. In this great article which explains about the maturity of microservices and the 2.0 stack, it mentions three key aspects. Service mesh Matured orchestrators RPC based service protocols. This post focuses on the communication infrastructure in Service … Continue reading Service mesh in Service Fabric

Are you awaiting at the right place?

The C# language features async and await are very easy to use, straight forward and available right out of the box in the .NET framework. But it seems the idea behind async & await has some confusions in implementations, especially where you await in the code. The asynchronous feature boasts about the responsiveness, but it … Continue reading Are you awaiting at the right place?

Project Oxford – Behind the scenes of has been trending recently in social media. Simply you can upload a picture in this website and it will detect the faces in the photo and tells you the gender and the age of the person the face belongs to. The site uses Face API behind the scenes, which is available here You … Continue reading Project Oxford – Behind the scenes of

HttpResponseMessage vs IHttpActionResult

In Web API 2 IHttpActionResult is introduced. Read this post which explains the Web API 2 response types and the benefits of IHttpActionResult Assuming you’ve read the above article it is recommended to use IHttpActionResult. Apart from the benefits of clean code and unit testing the main design argument of using IHttpActionResult is the single … Continue reading HttpResponseMessage vs IHttpActionResult

How to create a certificate authentication with Azure Management Service

In order to carry out any management tasks in Azure using an agent (Visual Studio or any custom code), it should authenticate itself with Azure. Requests to the Azure Management API should be authenticated using on of the following methods. Active Directory Certificate Authentication This article covers the certificate authentication. Azure Management Service (AMS) APIs … Continue reading How to create a certificate authentication with Azure Management Service

Windows Azure Caching

Role Based Caching Windows Azure provides 2 primary role based caching options. Shared caching and Dedicated caching. Shared Caching is defining a portion of the memory of the web or worker role. This does not include additional charges since you’re already paying for the cloud service instance and using the portion of the memory. This … Continue reading Windows Azure Caching