Facebook like link sharing

When you paste a URL in the FB share, FB pulls out some information about the URL along with any available images. I created a similar feature in ASP.NET few years ago and I got the project file while clearing out  one of my disk partitions and thought of sharing it. This project uses HTMLAgilitPack … Continue reading Facebook like link sharing

Facebook ✔ seen 01:58

  You might have noticed that recently FB added a new feature in the chat to show whether the other party you are chatting with have seen the messages you send or not. This is a cool feature for some extent as long as I can check whether my friends have seen the message I … Continue reading Facebook ✔ seen 01:58


The greatest social networking giant with more than 500 million users. Wow 500 million what a great number. We can see almost all the businesses having their pages or ads or something in FB; from Microsoft to the Dosa Shop near my campus. 🙂 I thought about some features that FB may implement in the … Continue reading Facebook


Social networks like Facebook and Twitter use a method of authentication known as OAuth to grant permissions to the applications to deal with our data. The permission grant is explicit. But we do not know what the permission we are giving to the application. Though the social networks boast lot about this OAuth as secured … Continue reading OAuth