The greatest social networking giant with more than 500 million users. Wow 500 million what a great number. We can see almost all the businesses having their pages or ads or something in FB; from Microsoft to the Dosa Shop near my campus. 🙂

I thought about some features that FB may implement in the future, and some features which I consider as nice to have.

FB can give some themes to decorate the home page as we want. These can be pre defined themes as Windows Live provides or they provide an editable CSS as MySpace does. I read in a blog entry this feature is not implemented because FB wants to ensure the same loading time in all the pages and no more delayed loading. But whatever it is it would be nice to have themes as we want.

Another advanced feature and I name this as ‘Facebook Globe’ which would be a prototyping tool to visually maps the relation ships we have and the links and the data shared. In highly advance this can also maps photos and able to create panoramic photos. Wow that will be really great and sounds interesting. Do not steal this project idea.

Just wanna share some thoughts on Facebook. Put your own suggestions and ideas that FB can adopt in the future.