Build your SaaS right with Azure

Cloud has the proven promise of great opportunities for organizations & ISVs. Modern cloud platforms have low entry barriers and huge array service offerings beyond traditional enterprise application requirements. Cloud and the services provide intact environment to SaaS application providers with cutting edge innovation, agility and computational and storage scale for the global reach.

Contribution of cloud computing to the Agile

I can be pretty sure that almost all the times we hear the word Agile our mind relates that to the Agile software development process rather than the English word agile. Even Google thinks so. True enough that the semantic of the English word agile is they key to name the so called process as … Continue reading Contribution of cloud computing to the Agile

How to create custom NuGet packages

NuGet provides an easy and a very efficient solution to distribute packages. A NuGet package can contain assemblies, content files and other tools that you want to distribute. A NuGet package is described by a manifest file known as nuspec. View the nuspec reference. You can use 3 sub folders \lib \content and \tools in … Continue reading How to create custom NuGet packages

Few good to know features of Entity Framework

I have been doing some reading about advance EF features for last couple of weeks and got to know some interesting things, this post is a compilation of the information and provides links to the relevant sites. Starting with EF 5.0 ObjectContext was replaced with DbContext. So what’s the difference between ObjectContext and DbContext ? … Continue reading Few good to know features of Entity Framework

Microsoft doesn’t embrace it own products

I have noticed few things that makes me feel that MS doesn't embrace its own products sometimes. For example when MS launched Windows Phone 7 and 7.5 there were massive marketing campaigns about the phone. But in the Live / Hotmail (now Outlook) login page iPhone was in the middle as a highlighted smartphone which … Continue reading Microsoft doesn’t embrace it own products

Everything about Windows Processes

This is a great web site which has almost all the information we need to know about the processes running on Windows operating system. Time to time we wonder looking at our Task Manager, and thinking what that process if for ? Is it a Windows Process or a 3rd party one or a … Continue reading Everything about Windows Processes