Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Azure accounts, Graph API and Multi tenant application development.

Last week I did a session about Azure AD and multi tenant application development using Azure AD. Azure AD is a big topic and when we combine that with the other services and account provisioning it becomes huge. In the session I managed to cover the common scenarios in Microsoft Azure account management and application... Continue Reading →

Windows Azure Scheduler

Windows Azure Scheduler is one of the new feature additions to Windows Azure. This is a cloud based scheduler service which analogous to the Task Scheduler. Login to you Windows Azure Management Portal, If you do not see the Scheduler tab in the left hand side either you didn’t activate it or the feature is... Continue Reading →

Uploading a file to Azure Blob

Windows Azure storage provides flexible storage services. Blob storage is one of them which is used to store binary large objects.  Windows Azure blob has the concepts of containers (which you can think like partitions of a disk). Containers are either private or public. Private containers are only accessible to the user and application developer... Continue Reading →

Windows Azure – VMs

Windows Azure provides the facility to host VMs. This is really a cool thing, because if you want a server infrastructure running you can get it done  in few seconds. Windows Azure provides some pre defined images and it offers the flexibility to include the images we have. The use of the Azure hosted VM... Continue Reading →

Cloud Computing

What is cloud computing ? Before getting into the term what is cloud computing ask a question to yourself whether you have experiences working in the cloud. Every day we deal with cloud computing and use it. But the matter is we don’t know that is the cloud computing. The buzz cloud computing was a... Continue Reading →

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