Windows Azure – VMs

Windows Azure provides the facility to host VMs. This is really a cool thing, because if you want a server infrastructure running you can get it done  in few seconds. Windows Azure provides some pre defined images and it offers the flexibility to include the images we have.

The use of the Azure hosted VM is up to. You can use it in the way you want. For example if you want a test server running in Windows Server 2012, simply you can create one and do the testing. Once the testing is done you can simply delete that.

In this post I have provided the images / screenshots that you might see in the process of creating a VM in Windows Azure.

Red marks are manually added to hide some personal details of the page.

Images in order









Once you create the VM you can connect to it.

There’s a known issue when we delete the VM. It’s better to say it as a work load than an issue, when you delete the VM the associated VHD remains undeleted as storage blob.

You might run into an error like this.


This blog article describes how to solve the issue.