x64 Microsoft Strategy

I write this post after a real piss off, by the Microsoft’s x64 strategy. They announced that in future all of their applications will be working on x64 architecture. As to the statement SharePoint 2010, Windows Server 2008 R2 and some other came in x64 bit only mode.

Even I did a clean format of my PC and installed x64 Windows 7 in order to run SharePoint 2010 and other as well. But what’s the problem ?

They are not clean in their x64 policy. It is totally messed up with x86 applications. Even in x64 bit Windows 7, Windows Media Player runs in 32 bit mode. And Visual Studio 2010 runs in x86 and there is no x64 version of that. (The reason for that, they say is the difficult of development and the application grows bulky)

And every time I start IE is get starts in the x86 mode. There is another x64 version of browser as well in the list. I was wondering why it is not used as default. After wondering I made my IE9 x64 version as the default browser. That gave me the real piss !@#

In the IE9  x64 bit release  (the modern browser) Silverlight cannot run. When ever I reach a website with the Silverlight content it asks me to install the Silverlight.

When I click the link this is the message that I get.



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  1. It’s a proverb, “Before making a friend, prepare a grave, where you can burry his shortcommings”. Microsoft is not only a friend of us, its our passion, our beloved. So, we must have to act upon the above proverb.

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