Imagine Cup 2012 – Srilanka

The team I lead won the Microsoft Imagine Cup 2012 local finals in Srilanka in software design category, and now we are expecting to show the colors in Sydney in the world finals.

No need to tell much about the Imagine Cup since it is one of the most famous and prestigious technology competition hosted world wide by Microsoft to solve or support the toughest problems that the world has been facing for decades; which are also addressed by the United Nations as their Millennium Development Goals. More Info :

When considering the Imagine Cup and myself I have 2 years of experience with Imagine Cup. In 2011 also, I competed under software design category with a difference group lead by one of my friend and our solution got the 2nd runners up in the local finals. This time I was invited by my few other friends to join and lead the team.

I joined them and we created a solution which can creatively support the sustainable development of the country. Our solution is simply and carefully crafted to be developed on top of already available technologies such as Facebook and mobile phones. This gained a massive reach to our solution.

I’m very happy that my team won the Imagine Cup, I personally feel very happy about that we brought the Imagine Cup to the Faculty of Information Technology after 4 years.

We hope that we’ll do our best in the world finals.