I bought only one.

We all have mobile phones. And mobile phones are part of our life. Mobile phones are no more wants they are needs. Essentials.

Nokia 6610i

nokia 6610i

I got my first mobile phone in 2003. It was a gift from my cousin brother. Nokia 6610i. It was a super cool thing. But I didn’t use it much, because most of my friends did not have a mobile phone that time. It was decent phone with color display and a VGA camera.

My second phone was Nokia 3230. Again it too was a gift from my brother. I think I got that in mid 2006. I loved the phone because it came with  Java. Some crazy 2D foot ball game was my favorite.

Nokia 3230


Later in the beginning of 2008 I sold the Nokia 3230 and bought a Nokia 6630. In 2008 Nokia 6630 was bit old model. It was a heavy phone with a super display.

It had two historical points. First this is the first phone I bought. Second this is the first phone I used to write mobile applications.

“ Do you know there was a mobile framework called J2ME from Java ? Smile with tongue out

I used to write applications using J2ME and tested them in this phone.

Nokia 6630


In 2010 I lost my Nokia 6630. Then my brother bought me a Nokia 6500. It was a good phone but I didn’t find it much fascinating because I just used it for SMS and calling. But it had a descent camera and audio features.

Nokia 6500


MS announced the Windows Mobile – Mango and the local MS hosted a competition for Mango app development. I did develop an app and walked away with a phone. Winking smile

It was a LG Quantum C900.


Then I won the Imagine Cup 2012 and went to Sydney. In the grand finals all the competitors were given a super cool Nokia Lumia 800. Yes that’s the one I’m using now.

Lumia 800

Lumia 800

The fascinating point is, among all the mobile phones I’ve used I bought only one. All the other phones I’ve been using were either gifts or the ones I got from a competition.

I’m eagerly waiting for the local Windows 8 Phone app competition to be launched. Winking smile