How to become Zeus, the great Greek God in less than $ 3,000

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Have you ever thought about this ? How much do you really have to spend to become like Zeus, the great Greek god. Zeus is a Greek god considered as the god of the gods. Among his many super natural powers one that’s very powerful that he can materialize the objects by thinking.

So, what is to do with the current technology, how we can get that power, if we’re to get that how much it would cost ?

I say it would cost you less than $ 3,000

What do you need ?


EPOC neuroheadset – a device / gadget which is used to give commands to the computers just by thinking. This costs around $ 299.

MakerBot Replicator 2 Desktop 3D Printer

MakerBot – A 3D printer for the desktops costs around $ 2,199. It comes with a software (MakerBot Makerware) to model the objects and you import other file formats as well.

What else do we need ? We might need the EPOC SDK for the development of custom software (a free version is available or we can go for a single license which costs around  $500)

We have to write our own piece of code which can get the model in our mind using EPOC SDK and transfer it to the MakerBot Makerware. Then the magic happens.

You’re Zeus, you can materialize objects just by thinking.


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