Deleting all unused Azure Resource Groups

Execute this PowerShell script to delete all the unused empty Resource Groups from Azure. 

Resource Groups helps us to logically group the Azure resources together and monitor them. In the new Azure Preview Portal you can view the Azure Resource Groups. When ever you create a resource in the Azure it’s created under a Resource Group.

New preview portal allows us to create Resource Groups and visualize them. But the pain point is Resource Groups are not deleted even after you delete all the resources attached to a Resource Group. The idea behind this is, that you can reuse them without creating them from the scratch.

But sometimes this is annoying because most of the Resource Groups that are listed in the new Azure Portal do not have any resources and most of them were created automatically when you provision a resource in the old portal.

I had a huge list of empty Resource Groups so I created this PowerShell script to delete them all.


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