WADLogsTable missing in Cloud Service project

This is observed in Visual Studio Cloud Service Template (Environment  VS 2015 Enterprise Update 3 and Azure SDK 2.9.6 with .NET 4.6). This could be observed in most of the other versions – probably in Azure SDK version 2.4 and above, but I stated my working environment as soon or later this issue will be resolved.

Quick read and the reason : The template has the Trace.TraceInformation as the logging code line, but the configuration is set to log Errors by default. So when you run the application, the service has nothing to log and it doesn’t create WADSLogsTable. By changing the code to Trace.Error or changing the configuration to log information/verbose would solve the issue.


Mostly beginners bounce into this issue, and fair reason to get panic because when the just create the fresh Azure Cloud Service out of the box from the available template, it doesn’t work as expected.

Go to the Worker Role properties and you can change the application log level settings to log Information level logs.

default trace log setting - error

or, change the code to this


The application creates the table when and only the information need to be persisted, so the available template does not create the WADSLogsTable until you do either of the suggested changes.


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