Complex Event Processing (CEP) with Azure Stream Analytics : JOIN with Reference Data

Part 1 of this series : Getting started with Azure Stream Analytics. In this post we will combine the reference data from Azure Storage and process the query and write the output events to the Service Bus. These events will be picked by the Azure Logic Apps and the responsible person to maintain the pipe... Continue Reading →


Complex Event Processing (CEP) with Azure Stream Analytics : Getting Started with Streaming Data

Introduction Azure Stream Analytics is a Complex Event Processing (CEP) Platform as a Service (PaaS) in Azure. In the series of this blog posts we’ll examine a scenario which helps us understand the CEP capabilities of the Azure Stream Analytics. Before we begin, let’s have a basic understanding of what CEP is. CEP is any... Continue Reading →

Azure B2C with custom attributes with predetermined values

Azure B2C is a large membership database which also provides the features of tokens, sessions and membership/authentication experience (sign-up, sign-in, forget password and etc). But there are some scenarios which are little tricky based on how the entire solution is handled. Let me explain such a use case and describe different ways to handle that... Continue Reading →

Multi tenancy – A myth in the cloud

Multi tenancy is a popular buzzword, often heard coupled along with cloud computing terminology. This is the issue and has created a dogma and some believe that multi tenancy can only be related with the cloud and cloud based SaaS services. Based on the definition from Wikipedia The term "software multitenancy" refers to a software architecture in which a single instance... Continue Reading →

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