SQL Injection Part 3– How to Prevent

This is more interesting than hacking. There are several techniques, but again preventing in the sense making  a harder environment for the hacker. And we what we try is to make the environment harder and what the hacker tries is to find a path in the environment. First you can clean the values like this.... Continue Reading →


SQL Injection Part 2– How to Inject

We have created a proper login in Part 1. Proper login in the sense it was syntactically OK but not an efficient one. Let’s how a hacker can get into a system. He inserts the username as nobody or 1=1 password  = idontknow or 1=1 Now the $sql will get the following value SELECT *... Continue Reading →


Blogs Here and There

Based some on going and some few past topics I write this entry here. I summarized some interesting topics that I read from here ant there in the cloud. As we all know with the launch of Windows 7 (actually windows version 6.1) MS got the sensational hit again which it lost due to the... Continue Reading →


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