Charting with DotNet HighCharts

This post explains how to use the DotNet HighCharts wrapper for the HighCharts Javascript library. You can download the wrapper from Codeplex. First create an ASP,NET file and add the following Javascript references. 1: <script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script&gt; 1:  2: <script src=””&gt; 1: </script> 2: <script src=””&gt; </script> Download the wrapper and add the single .dll … Continue reading Charting with DotNet HighCharts

Page.FindControl(string id)

  Hi, if you have searched for the problem, Page.FindControl(string id) raises a NullException in ASP.NET then you came to the right place. The answer is simple try the following… Control c = this.Page.Master.FindControl(“ContentPlaceHolderID”); c.FindControl(“The ID of the control you search for”);   Read the below link for the detailed information

Starting a process from a Windows Service

If you have some knowledge about Windows services and their functionalities then go ahead. Otherwise you may not understand some of the points mentioned here. Are you suffering from starting a process from your windows service ? I have a cunning solution for that. Normally we cannot start any process either on our local machine … Continue reading Starting a process from a Windows Service