Integrating Azure Power BI Embedded in your DevOps

Before starting, this posts answers the question, Can we change the connection settings of the Power BI Embedded reports. YES. Let’s continue. Azure Power BI Embedded is a great tool for developers to integrate reports and dashboards in the applications. You can read about what Azure Power BI Embedded is and how to use it... Continue Reading →


Power BI – Data Management Gateway

Power BI for Office 365 has a component known as Data Management Gateway which allows us to expose the on premise data sources to cloud. On premise boxes which host the data sources do not require a public IP but you servers still require an Internet connection. Currently Data Management Gateway supports SQL Server, Oracle... Continue Reading →

What is Power BI

Last week I delivered an introductory presentation about Power BI covering all the features of it in the SQL Server Universe user group meeting. I got a fair amount of time to showcase the features of Power BI to the audience. I concluded my presentation giving the following definition to Power BI from Microsoft’s point... Continue Reading →

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