MDX (Children and Members)

MDX queries are complex compared to the SQL or TSQL queries. It is perceived as complex because the underlying data source is not two dimensional. But simple MDX expressions are not very complex, 😀 as that is why they are simple.   Members and the Children properties of the MDX provide different set of outputs … Continue reading MDX (Children and Members)

Inheritance in relational database

This article describes about the inheritance in the relational database and how we can handle that in the Entity Framework. First let me discuss about the database inheritance. I searched the Internet and found there are databases which support inheritance natively. PostgreSQL has this feature, something similar to this. INHERITS FROM (tablename[, othertable...])   Then … Continue reading Inheritance in relational database

Selecting the Top N in each Category

When we write queries in TSQL selecting the top ‘n’ number of rows is easy. It can be achieved by a query similar to the following. SELECT TOP(10) Names FROM [Users] WHERE IsActive = 'True' ORDER BY ApprovedOn DESC But when selecting the items which are from different tables and with subcategories this is quite … Continue reading Selecting the Top N in each Category

SQL Server Protocols

Based on some missing images this document might appear in a broken flow SQL Server is the Microsoft’s Enterprise Data Management system. Recent release is SQL Server 2008 R2 (x64 bit only). We all know about the Database Management System and Database related concepts. SQL Server comes with two powerful tools SQL Server Management Studio … Continue reading SQL Server Protocols