How to create code snippets in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)

Recently I’ve been working on a project which requires plenty of stored procedures and custom logging. For error handling I don’t want to repeat my logging TSQL statements for each and every SP I write. I created a code snippet and let the IDE code for me. Follow these simple steps to create code snippets... Continue Reading →

Inheritance in relational database

This article describes about the inheritance in the relational database and how we can handle that in the Entity Framework. First let me discuss about the database inheritance. I searched the Internet and found there are databases which support inheritance natively. PostgreSQL has this feature, something similar to this. INHERITS FROM (tablename[, othertable...])   Then... Continue Reading →

Let’s JOIN

JOIN is one of the common task we perform against databases. This post explains it using TSQL. INNER JOIN In a simple JOIN condition we normally do not specify the word INNER, so when we write just JOIN it means an INNER JOIN. INNER JOIN returns only the matching the rows of the tables. The... Continue Reading →

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