SQL Server 2016 Always Encrypted

Introduction SQL Server 2016 is yet to be released, but you can download the CTP versions. The mostly anticipated and marveled feature is Always Encrypted. Let me discuss few bits of this feature before getting into the technical side of it. I got to know this right after reading an article about Microsoft had applied... Continue Reading →

Azure Active Directory (AAD): Common Application Development Scenarios

Azure Active Directory is a cloud identity management solution, but not limited to cloud identity alone. In this post let's discuss about how AAD can be used in designing multi-tenant applications in cloud. As usual consider that MassRover is an ISV. MassRover got this great idea of developing a document management application named 'Minion Docs'... Continue Reading →

Azure Key Vault Manager

Azure Key Vault is generally available. If you use Azure Key Vault in your projects, then there's a high probability that you felt the need of a handy dev tool to manage your Vault. Here it is. http://keyvaultmanager.azurewebsites.net GitHub: https://github.com/thuru/AzureKeyVaultManager More about Azure Key Vault: https://thuruinhttp.wordpress.com/2015/05/30/azure-key-vault-setup-and-usage-scenarios/

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