Cloud OS

After a long interval I write this post in my blog. I’m very glad to write this because it came true what I predicted.

Google announced the Chrome OS soon after the Chrome browser. Most of the people simply thought it would be another OS. No body thought it will change the hardware as well. Some how I managed to predict like this.

Imagine a computing environment where we switch on a computer and it directly connects to some cloud service (cloud OS) and we do our work. The local hard disk would be a mere storage for files.

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First I asked this from Mr.Wellington Perera (Director DPE, Microsoft Sri Lanka) for fun.  I simply asked him; if some thing happen like this what would be the situation of Microsoft in terms of the OS market. (Personally I can say, he is an interesting person to talk to and who can patiently answer this kind of awkward questions)

He replied wisely that; a situation like that may come one day. But using a computer is not just what you do with that. It is an experience. It’s full of experience and feelings as yours. Providing that kind of an experience is challenging when considering the existing web technologies.

It’s true. I’m not marketing here. Think as you purchase a Windows 7 or you are an Open source techie and using a version of Linux. You simply install it and use it. You can say; it’s my Windows PC or Linux Machine or Mac book.

But with the Chrome OS I do not think you can get a feeling like this. Owning a house and renting one is totally different. Isn’t it?

I believe Cloud will totally change the things and it is the future. (It has already proved that).

But I’m reluctant to accept some thing called a Cloud OS.

Let’s now have a look on the Chrome OS – The First Look

Google announced a pilot program as it will offer us a note book and asked to test the Chrome OS. They offered a note book named Cr-48.

Chrome OS –

If wanna apply for the free Cr-48 note book to test the Chrome OS –

(But you need a valid US mailing address). With some little greediness I did try to apply for it. but certainly I’m not going to get it. 😦

Images of Cr-48




Screen shots of the Chrome OS


image image



OK what if we can ask some real experiences from a person who did all these things and tested the Chrome OS yesterday. Then hit get into this blog. (Read below before click the link)

Currently Cr-48 bears no logos or brand names. Actually the hardware is not exposing who is its manufacturer. (But if somebody breaks the device and check the internal we can may get an answer :D).

It has plenty of differences from a normal note book we use. The above blog describes them in detail. It is only equipped with wireless Internet connection. No Ethernet  (Or you have to go for a USB to Ethernet connector)

I don’t know when I’m going to have my hands in Chrome OS.