VS 2013 Preview – New Features

VS 2013 preview is here. It has loads of new cool features. Mainly it comes with the .NET 4.5.1 If you are to develop for Windows 8.1 then you should install VS 2013 preview. This blog post describes some of the cool features in the VS 2013.

Immediately after installing the VS 2013 Preview, I started a simple Console project just  to check the features listed in the above post. But besides everything one feature attracted me and it’s not mentioned in the above post. (They might have thought this is too obvious for anyone to figure it out)

VS 2013 shows the number of times each class or method is referenced on top of their declaration. This is cool and when you click on that info it will open a tooltip.


When you hover the mouse on the each reference info you will get another tooltip showing more details about the reference.


When click on the reference in the main tooltip, no wonder it will take you to the exact location of that particular reference is.

This is a super fabulous feature and we can use it for code reviews as well. This gives the overall information of how many times a class / method is referenced or called. This will provide helpful information for the performance analysis as well.


VS Blog shows how the map view in the scrollbar works, but by default this feature is disabled. To enable this right click on the scroll bar and go to Scroll Bar Options. There you can select the Use map mode for vertical scroll bar it will bring the map view which you can use to view the areas of your code without scrolling.


The VS blog says the main goal behind the VS 2013 is to bring the developer in context, it is facilitated that developer can do more without losing his scope of working context.

This is GREAT πŸ™‚