Visual Studio SP1 and upgrade (Oh.. what the heck is that ?!@#)

I’m a go getter when any of the new upgrades available to the products I use, and I feel it is a very good way to keep ourselves updated and it makes our life easier. (But not always….)

I installed VS 2010 SP1 immediately after they have launched it. It was fine. Last week I installed the WP7 developer tools for VS 2010 SP1 from the link provided in the MSDN. After installing the WP7, when I opened the VS 2010 it threw a message saying that some of the features of the VS 2010 has been upgraded to the SP1 and some are not, so please install the SP1 again. Until that I cannot use VS.

OK, then I downloaded the SP1 online installer again, and executed that. When installing it was asking me awkward questions like specify the ADO.NET RIA Services .msi and Silverlight 4 .msi and all that.

I don’t know where are they ? I know I have installed them and no longer have the access to the .msi files as I don’t keep them in my junk box. I specified the path where they have been installed and it says that, the path is incorrect.

Oh.. God it was a huge time killer, the bad side is, I have to submit a  project that day. But I don’t have the access to the VS.

Then I decided to repair the VS, and I did it. But no use. Even after the repairing process the same thing happened. It’s like I got stuck in an infinite loop.

Then I tried removing the SP1 one completely and tried to open the VS. Any guesses what happened ?

Again the same problem. I feel like kicking off the VS team. They couldn’t provide a support file that detects the installed SP and downloads the correct version of WP7 (or any sort of plugin or tool we add to VS).

(Here I didn’t remove the WP7 which can fix the problem, as conceptually because the I need WP7 to continue my work)

I think the problem might be this…

When I install the WP7 development kit, it has no information about the SP I use in VS. It installs the available version of the WP7 to the VS.

Then when I start the VS, it detects that one (newly added) component does not have the required features (at least few lines meta configurations) to run in the VS SP1.

That’s why it was throwing a message saying, that some components of the VS are not upgraded to SP1 while some being upgraded. And asks me to run the SP1 setup again.

When run the SP1 setup, it starts the fresh new installation of SP1 upgrade (because it asks whether remove the SP1 or to reapply that). When we select the reapply the SP1, it keeps on asking the files for SP1 upgrades (like Silverlight .msi and RIA Services .msi). Which I cannot provide because we installed them from various setup files and we don’t keep them. (at least me..)

Actually MS should have provided a neat installation pack that detect the current VS version of the machine (whether VS or VS SP1) and installs accordingly.

Because it will be a nightmare for the users who are using VS SP1 and whenever they try to install a new feature it asks for SP1 setup and it is a time consuming work to do.


LightSwitch beta 1

Microsoft has introduced a new easy way to create Windows and Web based applications. When we develop applications much of the code we write for CRUD operations and data validation. LightSwitch makes this really easier by providing a very friendly manner.

You can download the LightSwitch beta 1and try it out. Download the LightSwitch Training kit. (Training Kit only provides VB.NET samples ).

LightSwitch is built on the Silverlight out of the browser feature. It has specific data types like phone number, email and others. These types are transparent to the database since a typical RDBMS ( in this case SQL Server) doesn’t have those types. So if you create table with email type in the LightSwitch it makes the SQL data type as varchar and it keeps the data type as email. So this makes LightSwitch to validate the string as email and store it in a typical varchar value in the database.

This works similar to the validation module we have in the ASP.NET where the validation is done through a Javascript code. Adobe Dreamweaver’s Spry also does the same thing.

But LightSwitch has more cool features like guided database relations, screen selections and connecting to external live data sources like bing maps.

Download the module and have fun