Microsoft Vs. Adobe

Hi, Yesterday I saw a post on the Facebook linking to a post saying that MS has plans to acquire Adobe. The post continues on what will happen and all that. The news that the plans of MS on acquiring the Adobe is not official, but it was an interesting post to read.

In the IT filed the acquiring chain of the companies has been there from the very beginning, since it is vital to take the competitive advantage. Some companies operate and put their hands on very new technologies believing that big giants will acquire them one day. If we have a look on the history you cannot even believe the numbers.

So far Microsoft has acquired or merged 128 companies Surprised smile Yep, here’s the list

And Google has acquired or merged 80 companies.

Apple has acquired more than 30 

Adobe and the Oracle have also have their share in acquisition, with more than 30 companies each.

The chain grows and grows, last few months Apple was trying to acquire Adobe. Ultimately Apple banned the Adobe Flash in it’s iPad and iPhone. Users suffer lot, they can’t view the contents of the websites like YouTube and Hulu. Sad smile

That was a stupid move I guess. Annoyed

Now there are news spreading out that MS is trying to acquire the Adobe. Really MS is trying very hard to make a reasonable share on the mobile market through their Windows Phone 7. Really the previews and the promised features were amazing in WP7 and even the iPhone users are having a WoW on WP7. But when compared to the iPhone, Andriod and Blackberry WP7 has a very small market share.

And do not talk about MS Kin it was boom, only 750 people in the world are using it; and MS closed it immediately after one week of its release. But MS always want to have its own pie in the mobile market. Now they are in the right track with the WP7 which is powered by Silverlight.

But if MS acquires Adobe how this going to help them on knocking down their rapidly growing rivals Google and the Apple. (Of course they are not too much Rrrrr….. with Google). So how they can knock down the Apple.

They can quite the Adobe products to Mac. (but they are not going to do, since it is a billion dollar business and they do not want to loss that revenue in order to knock their enemy).

There is another issue on Silverlight and the Flash. Ooops this is real heck. I think what MS will do to the Flash is; it will simply ignore it. (it is a very good strategy to knock things down) A recent example is what Oracle did to mySQL after acquiring the Sun. (Really Oracle messed up the Sun)

Silverlight gain the popular and now it is one of the technologies that industry seeks. And we can do plenty of things in Silverlight that we cannot perform in Flash. The secret is the .NET platform. (a platform always beats an application). That’s why MS made the Silverlight as platform geared with the .NET. Now Silverlight is a platform for Web, Xbox, Zune and Windows Mobile. Why even to the desktop.

There are more Flash based websites but Silverlight is started to gain popularity and the market share.

So if MS acquires the Adobe it won’t help MS to get the share in the mobile market. (but they can do) But however they are adding a billions and billions of business to their venture. Think about MS Photoshop, MS SoundForge, MS After Effects …Smile

Smile Surprised smile Annoyed Secret telling smile All the expressions are possible.