What to expect from a UOM IT Faculty guy.

I write this article based on some hypothetical thinking; I got during my AI lecture. I have been having this idea for sometime and I have shared this with some of my friends as well. You may not agree with me sometimes, but what I say is my opinion.

There were days; I can remember when I was in my first year first semester, (very curious about the campus life) some industry people were saying that Srilanka needs 5000 IT professionals per year. And the supply is only below 3000. Wow it was a good news for any fresh graduate to hear such a news about his field of study. But what happened after some time was ‘Economic Crisis’. I really say I still do not have a proper accurate idea about that. (people were saying USA bubble burst, inflation and lot of things)

But what I heard and saw in real life is ‘Cost cutting’ I remember that Virtusa fired around 30 people in one single day, that time. Then things went like that in all most all the companies. And now I can see and hear from some of my senior guys who have got good job positions with attractive salary in last couple of months. 🙂

So what is to do with today’s lecture ? Today my lecturer told about that Srilanka is producing less than 100 of graduates who have depth knowledge in computer science and mathematics.  He also told he did a survey on that. I know personally that he’s having an idea that the IT faculty’s syllabus should be changed.

Really what I think is an IT guy from the UOM IT faculty is not meant to be a developer or a tech nut. If you clearly see the syllabus designed in way to give broad aspect of the field and the technical skills are subset of that.

So I feel an IT faculty guy should have to be designer or a business analyst rather than a developer. An IT guy from a UOM is meant to be an architect of the system rather than a developer. He is not a web developer he meant to  be the web analyst . All these need technical skills, but we are not supposed to be the developers. 

But what I see in in real life is completely different. People are meant to be like developers. I don’t say we can directly be the architects of a company, but we are made for those positions. And I think we are not made for extreme programming like OS and hardware device drivers. There are people who can go to that level but we are not meant to that.