Redis on Azure : Architecting applications on Redis and its data types

Redis is the recommended option in the Azure PaaS caching techniques (Read why). Still Azure provides and supports other caching options too (What are the other available options)

Redis cache is available in Azure. View the Azure Redis Documentation and Pricing details.

When talking about caching, often we think of key value pair store. But Redis is not just a key value store, Redis has its own data types and support transactional operations.

Having a clear idea about the Redis cache and Redis data types will certainly help us designing applications in more Redis way.

Clone this git repository to get the idea about Redis data types.

The application demonstrates a crude sample of posting messages. Users can post messages and like the posts. Most recent posts and most liked posts are shown in different grids. Also users can tag posts.

Key Value pairs, Lists, (capped lists), Redis functions, Hashsets and Sets are used in the sample.

Read more on Redis data types

I will update source with more samples and information. Apart from the Redis features in the Azure portal we get comprehensive dashboards about the cache usage, cache hits, cache misses, reads, writes, memory usage and many more.