Cached-Aside Pattern using Redis on Azure

Cache-Aside is a common pattern in modern cloud applications. This is a very simple and a straight forward one. The followings are the characteristics of the pattern. When an application needs data, first it looks in the cache. If the data available in the cache, then application will use the data from the cache, otherwise... Continue Reading →


Redis on Azure : Architecting applications on Redis and its data types

Redis is the recommended option in the Azure PaaS caching techniques (Read why). Still Azure provides and supports other caching options too (What are the other available options) Redis cache is available in Azure. View the Azure Redis Documentation and Pricing details. When talking about caching, often we think of key value pair store. But... Continue Reading →

Which Azure Cache offering to choose ?

The above is one of the burning questions from Azure devs, and with all other cache offerings from Microsoft Azure along with their sub categories the confusion gets multiplied on what to choose. Currently there are (and probably not for a much longer in the future) 3 types of cache services available in Azure. Azure... Continue Reading →

ObjectCache – Caching

In the ASP.NET domain all the state mechanisms can be considered as caching, both in the client side (view states, query strings, cookies) and in the server side (application state, session state and the Cache object itself.) You can define the classes and properties as static to get the effective functionality of caching. In ASP.NET... Continue Reading →

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