Design an online forum application on Azure Table Storage

NoSQL technologies provide solutions for issues that relational databases cannot provide. At the same time, designing an application on top of a NoSQL technology requires specific technology dependent design decisions and architecture. This post addresses the issue and explains how to model a real world problem using Azure Table Storage. This is neither an introduction... Continue Reading →


Circuit Breaker Pattern for Cloud based Micro Service Architecture

Modern applications communicate with many external services; these external services could be from third party providers or from the same provider or they are components of the same application. Micro service architecture is a great example for disconnected, individually managed and scalable software components that work together. The communication takes place using simple HTTP endpoints.... Continue Reading →

Advanced Caching Techniques

These are the techniques, how objects are stored and retrieved from a cache. Read Through Write Through Read Ahead Last week I wrote about Cache-Aside pattern and provided a code sample of a minimal implementation of Cache-Aside pattern to get started with Redis. (intentionally tested using Redis on Azure). The code sample also has a... Continue Reading →

Adapter Pattern

Adapter pattern is often mentioned as wrapper in normal convention. It is a pattern which introduces loose coupling when creating a middle interface between two unmatched types. The name itself, self describes itself.  Think we have a class which renders a dataset on the screen. So we’ve a working class like this. class Renderer {... Continue Reading →

Singleton Pattern

Singleton pattern is a simple design pattern in software practice and sometimes considered as an anti-pattern due its tight coupling nature. A very simple non thread safe implementation of the Singleton pattern would be like this. Singleton non thread safe class Singleton {   privatestatic Singleton _instance;   private Singleton()   {     Console.WriteLine("Singleton instantiated");... Continue Reading →

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