The point of polyglot

Recently I spoke about polyglot persistence in one of the SQL Saturday events. The basic idea of this session revolved around the idea of not getting overwhelmed by the NoSQL boom, but at the same time understanding the modern application requirements which demand more features which side with the NoSQL features. Enterprise application development is... Continue Reading →


Design an online forum on Azure Document DB

Couple of weeks back I posted an article on how to design an online forum application on top of Azure Table Storage. This post is about how to design the same application using Azure Document DB. Same as the previous article, I want to stress the point that the way we design an application and... Continue Reading →

Design an online forum application on Azure Table Storage

NoSQL technologies provide solutions for issues that relational databases cannot provide. At the same time, designing an application on top of a NoSQL technology requires specific technology dependent design decisions and architecture. This post addresses the issue and explains how to model a real world problem using Azure Table Storage. This is neither an introduction... Continue Reading →

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