Securing your Azure Web Apps FTP Endpoints

Web Apps are my favorite PaaS offering in Azure. They are simple yet powerful, but the way how Azure handles the Web App FTP Deployment Credentials is not that nifty and better you should know and understand that.

If you find very lazy to read the entire post, you can jump to the summary section to grab the findings.

You can setup FTP Deployment Credentials for your Web App, as most of the developers do this, even though they use fully integrated CI/CD because this is very handy at certain times. You can enable the FTP Deployment Credentials (FDC) for the Web App in the portal under the PUBLISHING section of your Web App.

Click on Deployment credentials and you will see the blade where you can enter the FTP username and password. First I entered a common name (wonder what is it? Bob) and typed my usual password (wonder what is it? **********) and hit Save. I got the below error message. It is very clear that FTP usernames should be unique across all the Azure customers.

Then I entered a username which I assumed no any other Azure customers have taken (wonder what is it? nickiminaj), entered the usual password and hit Save. It worked. I got the success message. So now I can enter my FTP credentials when I browse to the FTP host name of the site. But this FTP Deployment Credential is shared among all your Web App regardless of which resource group or hosting plans or pricing tier or even the subscription they are in. This is generally known as Web Deployment Credentials.

FTP Deployment Credential include a username and the password. This Username is in the following format your Web App name\username and the password. Look at these below images of two different Web Apps from 2 different subscriptions.


So sharing your FTP Deployment Credentials of a Web App leaves you in the danger of exposing access to all your Web Apps the particular Microsoft Account / Azure AD account has access to. This can be disastrous when you share the credentials with third party developers, they only have to guess the name of your other sites to get the full username and they can access your Web Apps simply, since they already know the passwords.

The question is how to generate different FTP credentials for each Web App?

When you set up your Web App, each of it has its own FTP credential assigned by KUDU. KUDU is the project provides infrastructure for the Azure Web Apps. You can get this credential by downloading the Publish Profile of the web site.

Publishing profile is a simple XML file. Open the file and look for the <publishProfile> element where publishMethod attribute with the value of ‘FTP’.

This is credential is known as Site Level Credential of you Web App and only applicable to that particular Web App. Three green dots show the required information.

You cannot set the password but you can simply regenerate the password by clicking the Reset Publish Profile.

You can share this credentials with anyone and they can access only the particular Web App.


  • FTP Deployment Credential username should be unique across all Azure customers.
  • FTP Deployment Credential username is shared across all the Web Apps the current Microsoft Account has access to, regardless of resource groups, hosting plans, pricing tier and subscription. And the username is common for the Microsoft Account.
  • Each Web App has the FTP Deployment username as WebAppName\username
  • Ex: If you have two Web Apps (webapp1 and webapp2) and if you create the username kevin they will have the FTP deployment username webapp1\kevin and webapp2\kevin respectively, with the same password.
  • You can gain the Site Level Credential for your Web App with the generated username and password uniquely for each Web App from the Publishing Profile