Provisioning Always Encrypted in SQL Databases with Azure Key Vault, using SSMS 2016.

This article focuses on the steps on how to configure the Always Encrypted (AE) feature for SQL Databases using Azure Key Vault as the key store provider; which is still in preview at the time of this writing. In order to try out what I have explained here you should have January 2016 preview or... Continue Reading →


SQL Server Dynamic Data Masking not working. Are you using the correct role permissions?

You have implemented the Dynamic Date Masking (DDM) in your SQL Database, but still you get the unmasked data. Are you using the correct role permissions and the correct logins? I published a post before the general availability (GA) of DDM about what you need to know about the DDM GA. There were two key... Continue Reading →

SQL Azure Database best practices and TDD

This post summarizes the set of good practices you should follow when developing application on SQL Azure and how to arrange TDD or unit tests based on those practices. Before continue reading this post, I assume that you are familiar with SQL Azure Databases, Entity Framework and TDD. One of the highly regarded and strongly... Continue Reading →

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