ASP.NET Core Dependency Injection

What is the different between ASP.NET Core Dependency Injection Singleton, Transient and Scoped.


Azure Elastic Pool and EF Core Architecture and Developer Workflow

EF Core, support with the Elastic Client Library seems not actively available, and EF Core has its own differences compared to Entity Framework as well. This blog post addresses these issues.


Using Akka.NET with ASP.NET Core – Creating a Quiz API

This is a template and quick start guide for Akka.NET with ASP.NET Core. You can grab the concepts of using Akka.NET with ASP.NET Core and how Akka.NET actor model can be used in a simple quiz or survey based scenario. But at the same time, this post will not provide all the fundamentals of actor... Continue Reading →


Detailing ASP.NET Core in Azure App Service

ASP.NET core is the next generation development standard for the .NET world – may be that’s how I like to express it. Every ASP.NET Core application is a DNX (.NET Execution Environment) application. When you create an ASP.NET Core application in Visual Studio (VS) 2015, it creates the project targeted at both the .NET Framework... Continue Reading →


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