Windows Phone SDK in Windows Server 2008 R2

I have been using WS2K R2 in main primary laptop for last 5 months. I wanted to install the Windows Phone SDK on my server. Then I got the error that WP SDK is not compatible with the Server OS. I googled and finally found this useful link.

If you have an offine WP 7 installer like an ISO file extract them using any file compressing tool and follow the steps mentioned in the above link.

But another pain point is Zune does not support on the server OS. Don’t worry .. I did the search again found this following link.

Personally I didn’t check the Zune install on Windows Server 2008. So if it is not working don’t blame me, I just believe the Google 🙂



Enabling Sandbox solution for SharePoint Web Part in VS 2010

This is an on the fly post, if you are creating a web part solution you’ll prompted by the visual studio whether to deploy that as a sandbox solution or a farm solution. But the sandbox solution option is grayed out.

The below post explains what is the reason for that and how to solve the problem using SharePoint Power Tools.

Direct Link to SharePoint Power Tools :

SQL Stored Procedures

You can have a good sample on SQL Server Stored procedures using ADO.NET in C# in this link.

The article is simple and easy to understand.

Feel free to ask any questions on stored procedures as I will try my best to answer.