Detecting the Windows Phone Theme Background Color

We often need to detect the WP background theme color to switch the color schemes of our apps. This is very useful when we utilize the application bar and have some metro icons in our app. In built WP apps have this feature and switch between different icons. For example when you use the Messaging... Continue Reading →

Styles and Templates in Silverlight

Styles This post has very short code snippets to explain the styles and templates in Silverlight. Styles are used to set the properties of a UI control. For example this shows the inline style setting of a Button control. <Button Content="Direct Styling" Height="30" Margin="12,73,298,197" Width="90"> <Button.Style> <Style TargetType="Button"> <Setter Property="Background" Value="DarkOrange"/> <Setter Property="BorderBrush" Value="Blue"/> </Style>... Continue Reading →

Windows Phone All in One Kick Start => Meet Jack Sparrow

Hi this is a quick and simple WP7 application, which demonstrates some of the advanced features within very few steps. If you are already familiar wit h WCF and Silverlight then WP7 development is very easy for you. This application explains the following features. Accessing the WCF service from the WP7 application. Handling Cross reference... Continue Reading →

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