ref & out in C#

This post explains about the ‘ref’ and ‘out’ keywords in C#. In C# we have two types; 1) value types 2) reference types. Value types variables are passed as copies to the methods and any changes inside a method does not affect the variable. ‘ref’ keyword is used to pass a value type as a … Continue reading ref & out in C#

Blogs Here and There

Based some on going and some few past topics I write this entry here. I summarized some interesting topics that I read from here ant there in the cloud. As we all know with the launch of Windows 7 (actually windows version 6.1) MS got the sensational hit again which it lost due to the … Continue reading Blogs Here and There

Starting a process from a Windows Service

If you have some knowledge about Windows services and their functionalities then go ahead. Otherwise you may not understand some of the points mentioned here. Are you suffering from starting a process from your windows service ? I have a cunning solution for that. Normally we cannot start any process either on our local machine … Continue reading Starting a process from a Windows Service